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You can own a slice of paradise,
For a price every one can afford!!!
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Israeland Group is offering private land in one of the most beautiful and finest locations in Israel. Located in northern Israel, a peaceful country side area only 4 miles away from the largest lake in Israel -
Near the city of Tiberias surrounded by the beautiful towns of Poria, Yavne'el and Alomot. Right next to one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, Sea of Galilee.

We are offering you a one time opportunity to own your owned land, within the boundaries of the State of Israel.
We offer a strategic investment opportunity in prime, undeveloped, agricultural zoned plots of land that have the highest potential for development.

Agriculturally zoned land holds the largest potential for profit. An average plot, could appreciate approximately 10 times its original value. This is not government or state owned lands, it is -

Due to its location, it is not subject to political negotiations, and is inside Israel's international border.

Once you own this land it is your's for ever. Keep it, sell it, or built on it when the time is right for you. There are no annual fees, taxes or expenses.

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Tiberia "& Kinneret