Our purposes

Our purpose is to connect the Jewish Communities worldwide to Israel, by providing them with lucrative real estate investment opportunities in Israel and thus advancing the Israeli economy.

According to the Torah, in the beginning of creation, Adam was created from Adama.

"Man was made from the land of the earth."

Over time the connection between man and land has become stronger. For many years land has been one of the most important components of the investment portfolios for the wealthiest individual and nations. Land is the most powerful possessions for people and nations.

This is especially true regarding the connection between The Nation of Israel to the land of Israel. This multi-thousand year old connection has always been strong, so far in recent decades has reached the highest level and today that fact is proving itself every day.

Trough our contacts and expertise, Israeland Group can open the door of this proven investment for the private client. We are sure that investing in Israel could give you spiritual profits as well as financial ones, and will let you enjoy the blessing of the holy land.

We always make sure to complete (fulfill) three elements of the

ECONOMIC of MITZVA and ZIONISM interests to you.

In Israeland Group we believe that land of Israel belongs only to nation of Israel. We are so proud and see this chance as a great privilege to be a cause of this connection.

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