Reasons To Invest

Why invest in THE land of Israel?

While the human population continues to grow, no new land is being created... only the value will grow!

Work with the basic laws of supply and demand, and leave market speculation to Wall Street gamblers. Invest with Israeland Group Investments for a more secure and rewarding future.

Israel holds one of the safest markets for the global Jewish investor. Land is a long-term, secure investment, not a "get rich quick" scheme. We only deal with marketable investment land. You can buy direct from us, the landowner, with no broker involved. This is not an investment fund. You will own the land with a warranty deed, and are free to control it as you wish. You may just hold it and "forget about it", and then resell it some years later when the price is right. You may also lease it out, subdivide it, sell its timber, or even build your home on it.

Land has always been one of the best investments for all economic seasons. With today's global uncertainties, land investment is more valuable than ever. Investment land is a hedge against inflation, and for some global investors, a hedge against currency devaluation. Land can be either held as an investment with almost no management involved, or operated as an ongoing business. Selecting the right land in the right country is one of the most critical elements for success.

Investing in land with Israeland Group is a highly tangible, secure and prestigious opportunity that we can guide you through - professionally and carefully. By choosing Israeland Group Investments for your next land purchase, you will be secure in the knowledge that you are getting a highly informed, honest, and experienced level of client services and expertise.

Why invest with Israeland group?

Less than 7 percent of all the land of Israel is private.
Israeland Group offers you only private lands.

Work with the basic laws of supply and demand, and leave market speculation to Wall Street gamblers. Invest with Israeland Group Investments for a more secure and rewarding future.

The Israeland Group will help make owning your very own piece of the Holy Land easy. Now you can own you're private land for ever. You may transfer the title to you're children or sell you're asset when ever you want. Israeland Group will retain 20% of all the sites we are offering. This means our investment is directly linked to your investment.

We buy very large tracks of land directly from the first owners. Israeland Group has great purposes and visions for future of this land.

We believe you have a right and privilege to own land in Israel.

We sell agricultural land for future rezoning. This is a more innovative way to buy land for two reasons. First the value of land is rising fast and over time and has proven to be one of the strongest commodities you can buy. Second and most important, agriculturally zone land holds the largest potential for profit. An average plot could appreciate up to 10 times its original value and more over time.

We offer strategic investment opportunities in prime undeveloped, plots of land that have the highest potential for development. Investing in real estate with Israeland Group has never been easier. We offer a fully comprehensive service from initial enquiry to transfer of the full title and deed from the Israel Land Registry.

More than 93 percent of lands in Israel is owned by the government and belong to the State.

Decided by the original policy makers of Israel these lands are not for sale. You may only lease the land for long terms and you may never own them.

A combination of factors made this necessary. Israel's small geographic size; its growing population and commitment to immigration contribute to Israel's national policy. The Zionist ideology; and its security needs have encouraged Israel's policymakers to retain the principle of national ownership and to harness land policies in order to achieve these national goals.

Why invest in Northern Israel?

Israel is geographically divided into three parts:

Northern Israel Was Declared By The State Of Israel As A High Priority Area For Pormotion And Development, Entited To Special Benefits From The State.

Located in the center of the north is the city of Tiberius which includes holy sites, tourist attractions, healing hot water springs, hotels, and the beautiful Lake Kineret (sea of the Galilee). Due to environmental preservation groups and green activities, opposition to expansion of cities in the central part, and the government's intention to preserve the natural environment of this area, the future outlined plans of construction in Israel are mostly devoted to the northern territory. Air pollution in big cities has caused people to move out and settle in clean areas, such as the Kineret area where the air is fresh and the surroundings are clean.

The land we offer is located about four miles southwest of Lake Kineret, Within the boundaries of the State of Israel.

Due to its location, it is not subject to political negotiations, and is far from the international border. The result of the construction of the Highway 6; a road connecting the south to the north, travel time to the Kineret from the center of Israel is much less than it used to be; now it is only about 90 minutes. A trip from Haifa to the Kineret takes around half an hour. This beautiful valley is surrounded by the pastoral towns of Teveriya, Moshava Kineret, Yavne'el, Kfar Tavor, Sarona, Migdal, and Alumot.

It is worth mentioning that the famous Jewish wealthy investor, Barron Rothschild, was the original owner of these lands. He later sold the premises to the newly arrived Zionists in order to build and establish the site and be used for agricultural purposes.

Lately, lower- Galilee potential has been discovered by real estate entrepreneurs and has become an attractive area for investment. There are future plans to expand the towns and its residential areas, along with a shopping center, hotels, and parks. Theses are the elements which will positively influence and increase the value of the properties in this area.

Why invest in Land?

The most pressure thing on the earth, Is the earth !!!

In the current unstable global economy, unpredictable stock markets and underperforming shares have deterred many investors. Investing in land represents a tangible way of investing wisely. Land is capable of outperforming bonds and equities. Buying land is generally a lot simpler than buying a house. The Israeland Investment Group will help make owning your very own piece of the Holy Land easy. Irrespective of whether you are an experienced property investor, or a first time buyer, we are here to make the buying process as easy as possible.

Most people think investing in land is only for big-time real estate developers looking to buy large parcels of land for commercial development or a subdivision. What they don't realize is investing in land is one of the most sound investment strategies available today and is a viable opportunity for most investors, both large and small. So why should you consider investing in land, rather then already improved real estate property? Undeveloped land offers several investment advantages that can not be found in most developed real estate.

What are the advantages of investing in land?

Regardless if you are looking for real estate property for investment purposes, or as a site for a future home; investing in land has proven to offer a safer and higher return on your investment than any other financial instrument available today. Traditional investments (stocks, bonds, etc.) over the past couple of years have seen average returns of 4-8%. In contrast, real estate and land investments have realized cash on cash returns of greater than 200%, with less risk.

Why invest in Israel?

The "Holy Land of Israel", is geographically located at the center of the world, and strategically connecting three continents - Asia, Africa and Europe. Because of its many riches, it has attracted investors from all over the world.

Israel's economy is exciting, healthy, vibrant and growing. Israel offers countless investment opportunities in industry, agriculture, real estate, tourism, commerce, mineral exploration and much more.

This is a country that started essentially from scratch, a mere 60 years ago. It is almost totally devoid of raw materials, has poor soil, and scant water resources. Yet is has fought five major wars, has absorbed and settled over 2 million immigrants, and has created a formidable high tech, industrial and agricultural economy. The emerging nations and "third world" countries should take the economy of Israel as their example.

Likewise in real estate, the value of lands, buildings, lots, and apartments is currently the most valuable in Middle East and comparable to the Western world.

These fields attract many investors and buyers, a factor which increases the value of investment.

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